BiBi Jones or Britney Beth (born Britney Maclin[1][2][3][4] on July 23, 1991) is an American former pornographic actress[5] and model, also known as Bibi Jones.[7]

Jones debuted as a stripper in Phoenix, Arizona, and she has been a featured dancer since then.[6][7][10][11] Aged 19, she became the youngest star to be signed by Digital Playground in December 2010 after performing in several scenes as Britney Beth.[4][5][7][8][12][13] Her first feature for the company was Assassins.[3][14]

According to Jones, an Arizona baseball agent, Terry Bross,[15] used her to help recruit potential clients in 2010. Bross would introduce her to the baseball players after several Arizona Diamondbacks games.[16][17][18]Jones has also been allegedly linked with other professional athletes from Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League.[8][19][20][21][22]

Jones appeared on the Howard Stern Show in May 2011.[14] She was the cover girl for the July 2011 issue of Hustler magazine, and Jones also earned the distinction of being the "Most Searched Babe" on the website for 2011.[13] She was the Australian Penthouse Pet of the Month in September 2012.[23]

In October 2011, she posted pictures, on her Twitter feed, of a topless Rob Gronkowski with her wearing his uniform.[3][4][17][18][22][24][25][26]

Gronkowski later apologized to New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, for the incident.[19][27] On September 19, 2012, Jones posted another photo of Gronkowski and herself topless, taken the same day of the previous photos.[1][2][28]

An offer was later made to Gronkowski "to match his 2014 base salary if he agreed to participate in a (sex) scene with BiBi Jones".[4][29]

On July 17, 2012, she announced via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter that she would be retiring from the adult film industry.[3][13][30]

Jones officially came out of retirement in February 2013 to try to fulfill the three remaining years on her Digital Playground contract. Jones lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, and she travels to Los Angeles to shoot movies. During her hiatus when she was briefly retired, Jones said that she had "a normal job" doing sales and marketing for a restoration company in Arizona, and has stated she intends to keep that job when she isn't making movies.[4][31]

Jones was nominated for the 2012 "Newcomer Feature Entertainer Of The Year" at the Exotic Dancer Awards.[11] Jones appeared with Peter North in Hollywood Undead's "Been to Hell" music video.[10] In October 2013, she announced that she was pregnant.[32]

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